Advantages & Disadvantages of Cannabis

The legal status of marijuana is a hot button issue among even the world and many Americans. Citizens on either side of the argument are very passionate about the subject and really it is not a question of whether the legalization of marijuana is just a thing that is bad or good. Rather, the two camps have valid points behind their positions and are adamant about them.

First let’s examine the perceived negatives of legalizing marijuana. The debate of the proponents of the stance is the fact that it might function as a gateway drug, meaning it might lead people to use drugs that pose a threat to their health. It may be contended that even something as innocuous as a glass of wine , anything, could lead an individual to try something stronger. In short, it’s a slippery slope.

Another argument which gets brandied about regarding marijuana’s damaging effects would be that the health consequences of the substance.


It’s really no worse than having a cigarette, even if you have dab rigs or some tool for smoking. While it may be true that smoking marijuana may have a general negative influence on the health of an individual. Furthermore, a few studies have linked other disorders such as cancer and marijuana use. While nobody obviously wants to find cancer, there is a laundry list of everyday products which were linked to cancer and they remain legal. Again, arguing that marijuana is bad for somebody’s health is flawed since so much of what we consume as a society has been proven to be bad for one’s health.

The pros of legalizing marijuana are more pronounced. Here are just a couple. Legalization would indicate that the government could taxs marijuana. In these tough economic times it’s just silly that the government does not take advantage of the gold mine that would be the legalization of marijuana. In a lot of states (California being the most prominent ) a natural market for the item already exists and occupations (albiet tax-free ) are created. To be able to make these jobs non profit tax free, the state would need to legalize marijuana and take good care of the situation firsthand.

The crime rate, legalizing marijuana would decrease in many nations.

Then the criminal elements that are occasionally behind its selling and distribution would have a monopoly on the market if it were lawful. Because of this, the offenses that are affiliated would decrease. Generally speaking, legalizing marijuana could have a distinctly positive impact on society.

Connected to the stage, marijuana’s legalization could earn a massive swath of individuals who use it law abiding citizens once more. These are people who otherwise obey the law, why should they be stigmatized for creating a personal decision concerning the use of a substance that has a long and storied background.

In a nutshell, while valid arguments exist for either side of the argument, legalizing marijuana has more pluses than minuses including, but not limited to, jobs, a taxable solution, lowered crime rate, and plenty of law abiding taxpayers.