Politics, Corruption & Gaming Gear Business

Bribery is one of the best known and most widespread forms of corruption. It exists in all parts of the world and can pose a serious threat to an organization’s integrity.

You tend to think that bribery only affects the big multinationals and that it has no relevance to your daily lives. But the effects of corruption can be profound. It can undermine our trust in political and economic systems, institutions and leaders. In addition, it can affect people’s private and business lives.

Bribery and corruption are widespread in much of the world. They are seen as legitimate means of securing competitive advantages in business.

How can bribery affect your business?

This illegal and unethical practice could pose a serious risk to your gaming gear business if an employee is found guilty of a bribery offense.

Bribery is the giving or receiving of a benefit, financial or otherwise, with the intention of inducing the recipient to perform an inappropriate official or business function or act.

Organizations need to be very careful to ensure that a simple gift given to a customer is not misconstrued as a bribe.

It is vital that companies have the correct training in place to ensure employees are able to recognize potential bribery conditions.

Benefits of anti-corruption training for your gaming gear business

Educated workforce

Anti-bribery training ensures that employees are fully informed of what bribery is, what forms it can take, the consequences of bribery and how to report a violation.

For anti-corruption training to be effective, it must resonate with employees. Employees must be able to identify with the material presented in the training, otherwise the implementation will not be effective.

E-Learning is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to educate employees about corruption and bribery. Employees can learn in small, time-limited chunks, greatly improving their ability to absorb the training material.

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Creates a culture of integrity

Effective anti-corruption training ensures employees have the skills and knowledge necessary to promote and ensure integrity in the workplace. A company’s success depends on the trust of customers, employees and the public.  The best way to earn that trust is to demonstrate ethics and integrity in all business practices.

Regular training provides employees with a thorough understanding of the principles and legal requirements necessary for an ethical workplace. They will know the significance of their part in stopping bribery and corruption.