Does Our Government being Manipulated?

Big and established corporations seem to have the upper hand because they could refer to their lobbying activities as enterprise. This isn’t the case though when it comes to public interest groups as they need to discuss lobbying activities. Pressure groups normally implement different tactics similar to:

  • Sponsoring of think tanks
  • Spinning of media
  • Consulting critics
  • Controlling the internet to manipulate legislative decisions

There are of course a number of other things that can be done to turn things in their favor. There are various reasons why companies are striving to influence decisions made by the government.

These reasons include but not limited to tax reduction, tax avoidance, privatization, pollution and a lot more. Few of the ways in which companies are influencing the government includes funding campaigns, spinning the media and neutralizing opposition.

Believe it or not, this isn’t just happening in the government but also, in business competitions. If you would check out Dyson V8 vs V11, you are going to see that there are articles pointing the good and bad points for each, which in some way manipulates the decision of the consumers on which one to buy.

How Businesses are Influencing the Government?

There are tons of big corporations worldwide that are able to prosper throughout the years. And they seem to be untouched with legislative policies that are not in their favor. This caused the public to think whether these organizations could influence the movement of government. It’s a critical question in the corporate world and society as a whole.

It is what it is

In this modern age of globalization, companies that have enormous wealth accumulation have the ability of acquiring political power. This helped them in manipulating legislative laws to be in their favor.

In fact, there are countless ways on how enterprises can influence government decision. Few of these strategies that they are using come in form of campaign funding, assisting regulatory agencies and a whole lot more. Those companies that seem to be “helping” a party or politician for a cause, expect that there is a hidden agenda behind.