Legalities Revolving around Locksmith Services

There’s no more serious question than deterrent for those who want to know how to pick locks than the fear of breaking and violating law in the process. Well basically, the true nature of lock picking is by subtly bypassing locks. Therefore, the question about its legality is understandable.

So, let us talk about the legality of lick picking and answer the question once and for all.

Is it Legal to Pick Locks?

For all fairness sake, 94 percent of people in the US and several other countries worldwide consider it legal to buy and have possession of lock picks. Being the reason that legality is out of the way, let us dive deeper to what makes the task illegal.

Terms of Legality for Lock Picking

In an effort to better understand the laws governing lock picking, it is important to break down 3 simple definitions for legal lock picking as per the government. Even though it may tackle some legalities, don’t worry because they’re all straightforward to understand.

  • Not Illegal – in other states such as North Dakota, there’s no specific law when it comes to possessing locksmith tools or picking locks. In such states, picking locks are not mentioned by any laws and therefore, it is not illegal to possess lock picking tools.
  • Prima Facie Evidence – this is just a fancy Latin term which simply means “guilty until proven innocent. In states that are enforcing prima facie evidence, just owning lock picks is deemed to commit crimes. This is regardless if your true intentions.

Therefore, if you’re caught with lock picking tools in such a state, you might be in serious trouble in proving of your real intentions.

With such, it’s safe to say that it’s illegal to own one in these kinds of states.

  • Must show intent – most countries legalize the owning of lock picks. It’s when it is used illegally where you’d be in trouble. Lock picking these states is deemed in the same light as hammer or screwdriver. These tools can be illegally used but until you show intent of using them for criminal purposes, then they’re only considered as tools.

This is why Oslo låsesmed is never seen in a bad light. Because they are providing legal and legitimate service in offering locksmith services for people who are in need.