More Temporary Patios In Vancouver To Be Built

Vancouver Skyline


City of Vancouver staff remains to quickly accept temporary patios, together with 30 brand new such terrace approvals from the last week, the town started July 24.

This makes 290 accepted patios below the Temporary Expedited Patio Program (TEPP), that was set in place on June 1 with an intention being to let Vancouver restaurants to serve customers safely with bigger outdoor spaces. Weekly ago there have been 260.

The huge majority of the recently approved temporary flats, or even 232, are on public property, whereas 58 are personal patios, as stated by the city. Approved patios have licenses to run till October 31, along the town is waiving application and permit fees.

Still another 15 patios are under review, together with all seven of these from entrepreneurs keen to expand public property, along with the remainder planning to get patios, some with gas patio heaters, on property. The town has also obtained 103 software that its employees have known to be outside the reach of the app.

Restaurant owners who had been made to shut dining rooms involving mid-March and mid-May requested the town for a much simpler and quicker method to accept decks, plus they were honored once the council voted to get the app from late May.

The town on June 30 recently approved the capability for companies who have craft brewery licenses to use for patios — something those brewers had sought. Craft breweries that formerly obtained patio allow, for example, Yaletown Brewing Co., had restaurant licenses.


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“The town has a mechanism set up for personal property patios today, which is fantastic, and after that occurred, it had been fairly self-explanatory,” Container Brewing main Terry Brown informed BIV about July 24.

He also installed a terrace on his property where there formerly were several parking stalls. It’s eight tables which could accommodate a maximum of six people daily, however, he stated the normal collection per table is just two.

Possessing the terrace has probably helped his hospitality company be twice what it might have been with no terrace. The major area of the company, however, remains as packed beer.

Like most small business owners, Brown is more worried about the fall.

“I really don’t think we will be in a lot of another place in terms of exactly that which stage [of jealousy] we’ll maintain, and if whatever we are moving backward,” he explained.

Jessie Adcock, the town’s general director of growth, licensing, and buildings, stated a committed staff is currently reviewing applications after the town receives them.

“Firms who meet the requirements may expect to get their license in two business days of filing their completed program for patios onto a public house, and over five days to get patios on personal land which don’t need building,” he explained.