Where is TikTok actually used?

Sharing a simple and short video clip on TikTok is sometimes enough to make you go Viral. And in these times of pandemic where everyone is on a lockdown, it becomes among the biggest hits among people. Contents that originated on the application similar to nurses who dance in UK hospital even reached mainstream media coverage. Believe it or not, Tiktok puts its first ever advertisement on UK television that’s made in isolation.

Users of this platform have rapidly grown since the lockdown with 315 million downloads in first quarter of 2020. It’s not hard to see why it has gained so much attention during lockdown; with the almost unlimited content available and somewhat helps in easing the stress, it is fairly easy to understand the reason why it is extremely popular.

Tiktop videos are typically made at home and thus, creators aren’t on any disadvantageous position regardless of their humdrum surrounding. This is actually in contrast to the platforms such as Instagram, which becomes a showcase for glamour, live events and travel.

The uses of TikTok are primarily targeted to viral dances, demos of visual flair, comedy challenges and the likes. But recently, there’s been a surge in political content.

Trends in the Platform

Political activists have adapted to existing trends and memes on TikTok. Lipsyncs and dances are also set to political speeches as well as challenges that are used in making political points. The producers of political content on this platform are skewing younger audience compared to those who are on social media that matches the audience profiles and audience.

Fact is, individuals are a lot more popular than a party political branded accounts; this is partly brought by the fact that official accounts are mainly repurposed videos which has been horizontally shot for other platforms.

The Online Community

Activists aren’t just exploiting the virality of TikTok but also, find community around it by using the same audio clip, song, dance, challenge or even filter. Hastags are also less widely known on text-dominated platform like on Instagram, YouTube and of course, TikTok. The app is being driven by memes, trends, recommendations and challenges.