Author: Sarah Vogel

Younger Generation of Voters Worries Republican Party Committee Leaders in Swing States

The younger generation of Americans who used to be passive voters in the past elections have finally realized they hold the key to America’s future.

Apparently, lessons from the results of the 2016 presidential elections have been learned, particularly in the swing states where Donald Trump had won by thin margins. The change became evident during the 2018 midterm elections, as the turnout of young voters who had cast their votes was higher, when compared to those who voted in 2014.

Florida No Longer a Solid Red State

Florida, which Donald Trump now calls his new home state, is traditionally a Republican stronghold. However, Republican Senator Rick Scott had narrowly escaped defeat in the 2018 midterm elections. Scott won by a razor-thin margin of 10, 033 votes over Democratic opponent Bill Nelson, and only after a recount of the 8.19 million votes cast was made.

Currently in Lee County Florida there is now uncertainty that the outcome of the forthcoming 2020 presidential elections will be in favor of the Republicans. Mainly because the growing number of voting blocks comprised by young voters have weakened Florida’s image of being a solid red state.

Young Voters Pose as Worry to Local Lee County Republican Party Leader

Even Doris Cortese, who vice chairs the Republican Executive Committee in Lee County has noted the changes; of how the younger voting blocks, are identifying themselves as Democrats or Independents. Cortese, who is known in Florida as the “Godmother of Lee County Politics,” admits that she is worried that her worst fear of Lee County becoming blue might become a reality.

She does have a reason to worry, since recent Republican political candidates, including current Gov. Ron DeSantis, had won over opponents, also by only the slightest margins ever seen in the history of Florida politics.

Cortese revealed that she hopes and prays that Florida will not turn blue; adding she has been working round the clock to keep Lee County as red as possible. In fact, she has been rallying Lee County’s Republican troops since she knows for sure that every vote counts.

Lee County by the way is home to the charming, idyllic Old Florida island community known as Boca Grande. Although relatively a small town, many of America’s wealthiest families maintain their second homes here. Once the winter season starts to set in, carpet cleaning boca grande way becomes highly in demand, as preparation will be underway for the coming of the seasonal residents who make Boca Grande their exclusive winter retreat and playground.

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Political Surveys : Answers to Some Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask

Results of political surveys are coming out fast and furious as many Americans appear to be more politically involved. Perhaps, voters have learned their lesson; on how political inaction will only put Trump or the likes of him in power.

Nowadays, pollsters do not have to deploy people out in the streets just to get opinions and views. The power of the Internet has made everything easier, including sending out poll questionnaires to a sample of voters that represent a specific population.

What is Population and Sample in Data Collection?

Population in data collection refers to a target set of people that can provide opinion, insight and views about a specific topic. A simple explanation in relation to politics is the Democratic or the Republican population. Researchers then require a certain number of survey responders as representative of a population. The data they provide through completed surveys will be a sample of the target population.

Answers provided by survey responders will have corresponding values or scores. In turn, researchers will analyze and use the scores in formulating a conclusion on what the survey revealed. American voters are currently quite active in responding to polls launched by different groups to analyze support for a political agenda or for a political candidate; or to use as metrics for determining approval or disapproval of political actions or developments.

Are Political Surveys More Difficult to Complete Compared to Consumer Surveys?

.Political surveys are usually statement of opinions or propositions to which responders need only to tick boxes to indicate whether they agree or disagree; satisfied or dissatisfied; approve or disapprove and similar answers in addition to Yes or No. The point being emphasized here is that ordinary survey questionnaires are easy to understand or accomplish, so they can be completed quickly and the scores computed and analyzed as speedily as possible.

A survey is difficult to complete only if you are not familiar or knowledgeable about the issues or agendas being asked? Some examples are those that delve on climate change, Trump’s impeachment or the Democratic candidate who will run against Trump. Still, it does not mean you cannot take part… you just have to make some research so you can form an honest opinion or decision.

Are Survey Questionnaires Boring?

As a rule of thumb, a set of survey questions must be doable in 20 minutes. That way, respondents will not lose interest in completing the questionnaire.

Actually, political survey takers are not only welcoming emails, interviews or online invites to surveys in which to take part. Many are actually seeking them out from platforms that recruit people who will participate in a data collection project for a particular market research company. These are the politically involved people who are also taking advantage of opportunities to make extra money taking surveys.

Can I Earn Big from Answering Survey Questionnaires?

Taking part in political polls by answering paid surveys does not equate to large cash rewards. As a matter of fact, some survey sites pay, only if a member has reached the number of points required or needed to make a claim for payment.. Some others offer only freebies, discount coupons or samples coming from sponsors of the political candidate.

Now if cash has been stated as mode of payment, expect only a minimal amount, somewhere between $0.50 and $5.00. According to paid survey takers, qualifying for $5 dollar surveys is not easy either, because these are the lengthier types that deal with more complex issues.

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Know Why MICE Organizers Find The Netherlands an Excellent Venue

The Netherlands is one of the leading European countries that actively and with utmost excellence, take part in the so-called “Meeting Industry. The acronym MICE by the way, stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events, a tourism concept in Europe that has worked well for the economic growth of Holland.

Organizers and planners of meetings, incentive ceremonies, conventions and trade fairs find The Netherlands an ideal place because the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions (NBTC) furnishes superb support. Support includes offering expertise in the fields of communication, research and marketing to help promote a MICE event. After all, it is part of the Dutch tourism agency’s strategy for attracting more local and international visitors.

Actually, when launching social media campaigns for a forthcoming Netherland-event, be in the know that next to Facebook and YouTube, Instagram is the third most widely used social media platform among the Dutch people.

Social Media Advertising in The Netherlands

The people of The Netherlands are social media active, and it is quite important to know which social media platforms the Dutch people favor the most. Organizers who are looking to attract Dutch attendees to a forthcoming convention, festival, trade fair or exhibit therefore, should properly geotag their social media promotions. That way, they can easily reach their target audience through Facebook, YouTube and Instagram posts.

A survey by the country’s National Social Media agency shows that even if Facebook remains the leading platform for socializing online, Instagram is slowly making ground as the more important site.

According to the survey, the number of Dutch people using FB, particularly those under age 40 is currently on a decline. The waning numbers continue with Twitter and Snapchat use, paving the way to the growth of Instagram users in Holland.

As of January 2019, 59% of Hollanders are using Facebook, while 29% are socializing virtually via Instagram. When Facebook showed as many as 10 million Dutch people participating in FB, Instagram had 5 million users and viewers to show. The adage about pictures conveying more than a thousand words is exemplified by the photos and videos taken using the Instagram photo-sharing app.

Still, whether organizers are reaching out to local or foreign attendees they should take note of important strategies observed by Dutch social media marketers.

Advertising via Instagram is effective only if it reaches the right viewer. That being the case, the advertisement must meet the characteristics and interests, as well as the geolocation of the target group.

The advertising context of Instagram posts should convey the tone-of-voice of the organization promoting an event, in order to convey authenticity and sincerity of the purpose for which the event is being held; e.g. to increase awareness about the effects of climate change or to address problems related to world hunger, and the likes.

Remember, the way to Instagram visibility includes the size or number of followers liking, sharing and engaging with the uploaders of the posts.

Social media marketing experts in Holland have the resources and expertise to help Instagram users grow meer volgers op Instagram (more followers on Instagram.) Not just any followers but fellow Instagram users genuinely interested to engage as authentic subscribers to the users they follow.

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