Why Addressing Environmental Problems in America is a Political Matter

Addressing environmental problems in the country today has become more arduous as there has been significant changes affecting the nature of the problems. In the early days of environmental movements, the problems were mostly scientific and technological challenges to prove that mankind’s activities are causing environmental problems.

Today, albeit the issues affecting the environment, the weather conditions and climate temperatures are already obvious, the greater detriment in addressing such problems is the politics of the administration currently in charge.

Importance of Political Stability in Addressing Environment Issues

In order to make the US an environmentally sustainable country, there must be political stability, a social construct that is based on a united belief that the laws of the land are inviolable.

When the Environmental Protection Agency was established in 1970 under president Richard Nixon, the calls for environmental reforms did not receive much attention because there was political instability. Back them, the calls for environmental and social reforms were conveyed by musicians through folk music festivals.

As the EPA was still new, the use of fields or public land was not subject to ground protection requirements like access or crane mats. Yet at that time, hundreds of thousands had flocked to the festival sites.

Like ex-president Donald Trump, former president Nixon was impeached due to the Watergate Scandal; but unlike Trump, he resigned before the impeachment trial went underway.

Under the Trump administration, not only was political stability absent. The incumbent US president himself branded the global warming phenomenon a hoax that was invented by businesses looking to promote new products. Trump even went as far as withdrawing the country’s support to the Paris Climate Change Treaty.

Although Trump has been replaced by President Joe Biden, there is still political instability as the former president continues to promote and propagate the Big Lie that the election was stolen from him. Many of his supporters in Congress and in media outlets are spreading false information to make sure the Biden administration will fail — moreso, in achieving all sustainable development goals.

Importance of Good Governance in Attaining Sustainability Goals

Economic recovery and sustainable transformation require huge long-term investments of capital. A good government will invest on green infrastructure and make sure the projects will pay off.

Private capitalists on the other hand, should invest on electric vehicles, production systems, supply chains of a circular economy and renewable energy. These long-term investments need to have a stable government that would provide government incentives.

What is a Good Government in American Politics

A government cannot be alone in carrying the responsibility of acquiring a sustainable future, as others who share the same beliefs must organize to help in meeting goals.
However, in America, a government no matter how good, faces certain challenges. First off, a good government has to find bureaucratic and political flexibility to be able to launch programs and policies.

A good government should have the ability to constantly adapt to erratic circumstances. Promoting sustainability through government signifies that proponents are proactively and consistently advancing democratic principles.

Lastly, a good government should be able to provide the general public, security, safety and education, as well as promote well-being and a healthy environment.